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Are the Eternity Roses real roses?


The Classy Blooms entire line of roses are genuine natural roses carefully eternized to last for up to two years or even longer if cared for properly.

What is the benefit in ordering The Classy Blooms’ roses?

Nothing can be better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Too bad though, since the fresh-cut flowers wither so quickly losing their brightness and shine, giving way too dry leaves and faded petals in just a short time. This will not happen with our flower boxes! The Classy Blooms’ Eternity Roses are genuine roses that can last for up to two years when cared for properly.

Can I design my own arrangement?


We have a variety of different designs and patterns that can be arranged in our extensive color palette of roses. In addition, our luxurious boxes come in different shapes and sizes fulfilling everyone’s taste.

Can I take the flowers out of the box?


We DO NOT recommend taking the roses out of their box because of the way they are meticulously placed within the box, removing the roses will damage them and ruin the arrangement. They are happy and well protected in there and meant to stay inside for the entire lifespan of the arrangement.

What kind of maintenance do the flowers need?

Very little!

Simply keep the roses away from direct sunlight and within normal room temperature.

DO NOT water the flowers and keep them away from moisture.

DO NOT remove the flowers from their box as moving the flowers may cause the petals to break as they are fragile.

What payment method do you accept?

Please note that we are an online store, all orders have to go through our website. You can choose to make the payment with your credit card or you can pay in cash when the order is delivered.

Can I schedule a delivery to a specific time and date?


You can choose the exact date you wish for your arrangement to be delivered during the ordering process.

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