Our Story

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Flowers are always the perfect gift for any occasion and nothing can be better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Too bad though, since the fresh-cut flowers wither so quickly losing their brightness and shine, giving way too dry leaves and faded petals in just a short time. This will not happen with The Classy Blooms’ flower boxes! Meet The Classy Blooms, we offer a beautiful solution to an age-old problem: welting flowers. The Classy Blooms’ Eternal Roses are genuine roses that can last for up to two years or even more when cared for properly.

The Classy Blooms’ mission is to introduce luxury flowers as part of our gift giving culture. We strive to make your relationship BLOOM! The Classy Blooms is more than a brand, it’s a way for people to express how they feel to one another.